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Working for our community

We are fortunate that our passion for cycling enables to us to proactively support and contribute to our wonderful Island community. Some of the initiatives we are involved in are:

30 Rides in 30 Days Challenge for Les Bourgs

Beginning in 2008 the Ian Brown's Cycle Shop 30 in 30 Challenge was one of Paul's brainwaves. He came to work one day in March 2008 with the idea of challenging Guernsey Cyclists to ride their bike for one hour a day for 30 consecutive days raising money for Les Bourgs. The idea was if each cyclist obtained 30 sponsors of £1 per day donation 30 riders x 30 days x £30 per day would raise £27,000. And so the challenge began. the target has been thoroughly beaten on all the eleven challenges so far and the total raised for Les Bourgs since 2008 by 30 in 30 has reached £673,000.

MUG - Male Uprising in Guernsey

In February 2011 Ian Brown and Trevor Kelham agreed to look into replicating the awesome work and profile, support and fund raising achieved by the Pink Ladies here in Guernsey. Our focus became male cancers and our aim was to increase awareness of prostate, bowel and testicular cancers. MUG aims were to raise £250,000 in three years to assist research, diagnostic testing and support of Guernsey's male cancer sufferers.

The main event of 2012 was the MUG Mountain Bike Ride held in October. The ride was sponsored by Dominion and the coures was designed by Paul Brehaut and Leigh Taylor. Leigh & Richard Marquand made the apparatus for the riders to ride over usinf £7,500 of timber sponsored by Norman Piette. Each altenate October since 2014, 2016 and 2018 there has been another Mug cycle ride and is sponsored now by Oak Trust Group.

Guernsey Bicycle Group

Ian Brown was a founding member of the GBG and was its secretary from 1996 until 2016.  The group exists to encourage all environmentally friendly alternatives to cars. They promote and assist in events such as no car days as well as cycling events throughout National Bike Week each June. GBG also runs a summer series of free cycle tours on Tuesday evenings throughout the summer months. The group hopes that one day cycling in Guernsey will increase and car use decrease and the island become less reliant on such high levels of car ownership. Currently there are 44,000 cars registered on an island with 65,000 people.

Group Seminars

We also organize One to One courses on Mechanical/Nutrition/Fitness Training/Equipment etc. We are always available to run specific courses for individuals or groups to assist cyclists who are venturing into the unknown by bicycle. We tailor these sessions for different groups and subjects but normally what is required is knowledge. Riders need to know how to cope with the mechanics of their bikes, what to eat/drink and when, what to wear and how to prepare. We can show you all you need to know to ensure you gain maximum benefit and enjoyment from your cycling.


Paul coaches some of the island's top cyclists and these spaces are limited by the time required to maintain the one to one relationships. However, many cyclists are attracted to the sport and start from a base level of cycling experience. Paul is always willing to map out specific programmes for cyclists so that they can see the improvements in their own strength and speed. Speak to Paul if you have a specific cycling target in mind. He will see to it that a structured training diary is set for you allowing for all factors of time you can make available.

Rocque to Rock

Ian Brown's has always supported the Les Bourgs Hospice Rock to Rocque charity ride which has been running for over twenty years. This support has been in the form in donating two bikes each year to the best fundraisers. Over this period the Rock to Rocque has raised around half a million pounds for Les Bourgs Hospice and is one of their main annual fundraising events.