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How times change

Day one of the shop was 1st December 1981. Nearly two weeks after our very first bike sold on 13th December 1981.  Karen Fallaize was our first bicycle buyer. Now Karen Despres, wife of Nick Despres and mother of Heather both prolific cycling Hillclimb specialists. Nick is the record holder of climbing the Val des Terres by bicycle of 1 minute 42.6 seconds which he set in 1991. Heather is current Age Group National Hillclimb Champion crowned in October 2014.

From those early days the shop has three distinct phases each of ten years.

1981 - 1991

This decade was reknowned mostly for the UK minors' strikes, blackouts, hyper inflation, interest rates and mass unemployment.

The shop opened initially as "Cycle Shop" and Ian Brown was recruited by owner Phil Dupre to become the first manager. At the time Ian was the best known local cyclist although that was not too difficult as the standards of cycle racing in Guernsey were no where near what we have become accustomed to in more recent times.

Within two years Ian Brown became sole director and owner and the shop became Ian Brown's Cycle Shop.

By the end of this decade Ian had been to two Commonwealth Games representing Guernsey at Road Racing in Edingburgh, Scotland 1986 and Auckland, NZ in 1990. Ian was also riding regularly for Great Britain during 1989 and 1990. To enable Ian to continue riding at this level first his mum Jean joined the firm and then his wife Jan too.

1991 - 2001

The business benefitted greatly from the mountain bike phenomenon during this period. The next full time employee was Shaun Sarre, recruited in 1994 as full time mechanic soon followed by Simon Harrison as extra mechanic. Paul Brehaut made the full time workforce up to six in 1996 as salesman.

Also in 1996 Ian purchased Moullins Cycle Shop from Roger Le Huray and moved Ian Brown's Cycle Shop to Route Militaire to make way for Moullins to move to the Les Banques premises. As the sales of mountain bikes continued to grow the next big step was to set up a cycle shop in Jersey. With Channel Island exclusivity on brands of Marin, Specialized, Giant and Cannondale these became available at Mark Pickford's Cycle Shop, La Motte Street, St Helier, Jersey from May 1999.

2001 - 2011

Ian Brown's Cycle Shop and Moullins needed to consolidate following a period of lengthy road closures along Route Militaire in 2000 and 2001. In 2002 the two Guernsey shops combined and relocated back to the Les Banques premises where it all began in 1981 and back to those superb views over the Little Russell to the other islands in the distance. It has been said that our shop has possibly the best view of all cycle shops in the UK. It is easy to take for granted but a fabulous tonic to see whatever the weather.

2002 - 2005 was a period of recovery and reinvention at Ian Brown's. The consolidation of two shops into one was ultimately the only way forward but we didn't have time to plan for this. Consequently we spent three years rationalising the stock and the brands. We retained only the strongest ones. Specialized, Marin, Giant and Cannondale are brands that we had already been dealing with since the eighties and remain the core of our business to this day. Added to this was Raleigh which we retained from the days when we purchased Moullins.

Since 2005 the business has gone from strength to strength as more people are attracted to the many forms of cycling. Whether for fitness, for environment, for health or for sport there are many more cycling enthusiasts in Guernsey than at any stage previously. In 2008 Ian Brown's Cycle Shop and Mark Pickford's Cycle Shop separated amicably and so a full circle has been completed with Ian Brown's Cycle Shop back to the one shop at one location where it all began in 1981.

In 2008 Paul Brehaut became a fellow director at Ian Brown's and together we are looking ahead to the future and helping our customers to get the very best of cycles and cycling. Damien Larkin joined our sales team in 2010 as full time members of staff. We also get good support from Neil Ridley.


Cycling as an activity in Guernsey grew rapidly at the start of this decade. With the rise of British cyclists to prominenece on both road and track cycling new interest was generated into the humble bicycle and ycling became a main activity for many. Bradley Wiggins becoming the first ever Briton to win the Tour de France in 2012 followed weeks later by Gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics put a bright spotlight on cycling. There was increased attraction of even more beginners in the world of cycling from across the age groups & genders. In 2013 Bradley Wiggins visited Guernsey for a MUG Gala Evening in October 2013 where the official Bradley Wiggins Opus was launced.

E-bikes are the next area of increased cycle activity for cylists of all ages and both genders. These bikes are now much improved styling and better performance than early versions. We at Ian Brown's Cycle Shop source only the best E-bikes from around the globe. Visit our E-bike page to see just some of the models we have to offer.