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Flexible Payments / Correctly Fitted / After Sales Servicing

Payment Options

To make sure all our customers are offered the right bike for the right purpose we are always happy to discuss payment options for all or part of the cost using our local finance options agency Cherry Godfrey.


For each customer who chooses a bicycle from us we ensure that it is appropriate for their stated needs and that it is adjusted to fit them correctly for comfort, safety and for efficiency.


Each and every new bicycle will go through a settling in phase. This is normally within the first three months. During this period we advise all new bicycle owners to keep assessing the bike during and after each ride. If any adjustments are required during this settling in phase then these are performed free of charge by our technical staff. Some bicycles come back once or several times and some owners are quite happy to do minor adjustments themselves with the aid of the owner's handbook. However we are always very happy to ensure the continued smooth running and enjoyment of the new bicycle.

Further servicing should be undertaken annually. In some extreme cases where a bicycle is used as main transport or for competition there may need to be an increase in this frequency.

See the Service  page for details of our servicing charges.