I want to ride my bicycle

Commuter Bikes are mainly for those cyclists that stick to the roads although not necessarily exclusively. There are several sub classifications within the main category of commuter bikes.

Sports commuter

These bikes normally have the larger 700C size wheels with tyre widths of between 25-32mm only slightly wider than a racing bike's 23mm. The bikes are fast on the road and the better quality ones have the same Shimano or SRAM gears and transmissions as a road racing bike.


These bikes are essentially mountain bikes with smooth tyres. The wheels are generally 26" like a mountain bike and the brakes and gears are the same as a mountain bike too. These bikes cope with urban riding, kerbs, cycle paths etc. and can cope with a bit of trail riding as well.


Perhaps the true Hybrid bike combining all the brakes, gears and front suspension of a mountain bike with the larger 700C size wheels for good on road performance but also happy on all the trails.


These bikes have 700C wheels like the Adventure and Sports Commuter but are focused on a lightweight end product. Therefore they tend to have rigid forks fotr lightness although there are a few with front suspension forks. The gear range is recreational and comes from a mountain bike. These bikes are great to get to work on in the week but happy on the trail at the weekend.

Popular Commuter Bikes

These bikes are either in stock / can be ordered for prompt delivery. They represent a very small selection of the bikes we sell so why not pop in to the shop to see the full range?


Specialized Sirrus Sport

As you push yourself towards your fitness goals, you need a partner that you can count on, and we're happy to say that the Sirrus Sport fits the bill. It's constructed from a durable, reliable, and light A1 Premium aluminium, and it features a bombproof assortment of components that are sure to get the job done. Sprinkle in some added comfort from our Body Geometry components, like the grips and saddle, and a Fitness geometry that lives in the sweet spot between comfort and performance, and you have a bike that'll always be ready to go when it comes time to sweat. 

  • The reliable and sturdy A1 Premium aluminium frame features rack and fender mounts, allowing you to carry gear or to fend off road spray in inclement weather.
  • Zertz inserts in the lightweight FACT carbon fibre fork absorb road vibration to make a smoother, more responsive ride, while the Plug + Play fender mounts give you the option to install rain-fighting fenders.
  • Shimano M315 hydraulic disc brakes will have you stopping at a moment's notice in any imaginable condition.

Cannondale Badboy 4

Forward-thinking design meets serious city performance. Urban mobility has never looked so good.

Specialized Roll Elite

There are two types of personal trainers in the world-drill sergeants and cheerleaders. The Roll Elite is the latter kind, in bicycle form. With its lightweight, alloy frame and fork, eight speeds of "get out there and go fast" gearing, stable, wide 650b tires, and powerful mechanical disc brakes, the Roll does everything in its power to encourage, motivate, and inspire you to get out and keep fit in comfortable, efficient style. 

  • Wide diameter, 650bx2.3" Nimbus Sport tyres provide excellent traction, stability, and cushioning, which creates a safer, more reliable, and more comfortable ride on either paved or dirt roads.
  • Equipped with our Body Geometry The Cup saddle, you can expect a supreme level of comfort anywhere you take the Roll. It delivers on these expectations by "cupping" your sit bones, which reduces pressure without feeling obtrusive or constraining.
  • A spring suspension seatpost takes the sting out of rough terrain, giving you an extra bit of "cushion" that'll have you riding longer and more comfortably.

Cube Hyde Pro

The Hyde Pro is a true urban lifestyle bike for riders who appreciate style as much as they do function. This is a bike that'll take on any terrain with ease; its true strength lies in its wide range of use. The tried and tested 8 speed hub gear perfectly fulfils the demands of an urban all-rounder and requires very little in the way of maintenance. The disc brakes are from Shimano, while a rigid fork contributes to the Hyde Pro's low weight and provides agile and direct handling. Speed, comfort and convenience - it's all here.

Giant Rapid 2

Dubbed 'The London Bike' by the development team. The all-new Rapid features an ALUXX SL frame design and disc brakes for greater performance when it matters. Lightweight with a highly formed frame design that demonstrates Giant's engineering prowess, Rapid is all set for the tough city streets. Fully compatible for mudguards, racks and equipped with puncture resistant tyres - this UK inspired ride comes with chiselled frame design styling and a comfortable stretched out geometry. Striking design as standard and road bike gearing, makes Rapid the ultimate urban commuter bike.