Take the "Work" out of workout

Hybrid cycling technology helps to eliminate the hard bits of cycling. If you don't like the headwinds or have a uphill ride home then an elctric bike can do the hard work for you. All our electric bikes are "Power assisted" so that they help you keep cycling. We only select electric bikes that include quality batteries, motors and chargers built in unison with and around a quality bike.

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Popular Electric Bikes

These bikes are either in stock / can be ordered for prompt delivery. They represent a very small selection of the bikes we sell so why not pop in to the shop to see the full range?


KTM Macina Force 273

Our Price: £1750.00

The KTM Macina Force 273 is a hard tail mountain bike using the Bosch CX Performance Line electric system with a 400WH battery. This KTM electric bike offers a good combination of power and range in a 27.5 hard tail mountain bike so it's ideal for journeys to work and cycling journeys. 

Cube Elly Cruise Hybrid 400

Our Price: £1840.00

Our Elly Cruise is defined by the distinctive, fresh design language of both frame and components. But don't judge it just by its looks - this e-bike also boasts a high quality and innovative IC frame, Bosch's benchmark drive technology and a host of versatile, reliable features aimed at making your cycling comfortable and carefree.

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KTM Macina City A4

Our Price: £1880.00

This electric bike uses the Bosch Active Line electric system with a 400WH battery. This ladies KTM electric bike offers easy use and comfort when riding.

Cube SUV Hybrid Pro 500

Our Price: £1925.00

The SUV Hybrid Pro combines progressive design with simple, straightforward urban mobility. It's our answer for anyone looking for an active but environmentally-friendly urban lifestyle. With a multifunctional frame and high quality features, it's the perfect modern solution for stress-free transport in the city: no more timetables, traffic jams or looking for parking spaces.

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Corratec Active

Our Price: £2015.00

Bosch powered urban transport or leisure riding solution
The ideal Urban transport solution. Featuring the industry leading Bosch Active centre drive system matched to a Nexus 8 speed rear hub gear for easy gear shifting and minimum maintenance. Optimum stopping power comes from the acclaimed Magura HS-11 Hydraulic rim brakes Using our unique triple wall fusion down tube we can build a single down tube that can handle the extra power of the electric motor giving a stable ride.