From energy bars to handle bars

Accessories are anything which is fitted to a bike that is not essential to make the bike work. Components are the essential parts to make the bike work.

Accessories include racks, bags, speedos, lights, locks, mudguards etc.. the list is endless.

Popular Products

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Morgan Blue Chain Cleaner

An active cleaner-degreaser for the chain and gears. This degreaser is used by several professional teams. The product complies with the highest environment standards.

Apply the Chain Cleaner on the chain, the front and rear derailleurs. Let the cleaner soak in for about 5 minutes then rinse off with soapy water. Rub with a dry cloth then re-lubricate the chain and drivetrain parts.

Look Keo Cleats

The new Look KéO Grip anti-slip cleat. It is safer as well as being compatible with the entire KéO range. The TPU pieces helps to reduce the chances of slipping while walking.

The new KéO Grip cleats are non-slip and thus more reassuring when one gets off the bike. The material found at each end of the cleat helps to also provide a stronger inerface between the cleat and the shoe sole. This is particularly appreciable when using carbon soles.

DMR V8 Pedals

The DMR V8 Pedals use exactly the same body design as the V12 versions, but with Precision-Ground, Adjustable Bearings and a Tough Cro-mo Axle.

  • Precision-Ground, Loose ball Adjustable Bearings
  • Tough Cro-mo Axles
  • Weight: 528g

Look Keo Classic 2 Pedals

The new body of the Keo Classic 2 is a combination of dual material injection - one to provide a specific colour of the body and another for the support surface. Constructed from a strong composite material and featuring the revolutionary Keo Grip cleats, the Classic2 is simply a class act.

Shimano 105 pedals

SPD-SL road pedal for high performance road racing. Designed to match the 105 11-speed group.


  • Wide lightweight carbon body provides large shoe contact area to maximise power transfer and support whilst reducing weight
  • Low profile design increases road clearance for increased confidence when slicing through corners
  • Large binding target allows quick engagement while wide cleats provides more efficient pedalling
  • Stainless steel pedal body plate for increased durability
  • Open design allows for easy access and cleat adjustment
  • Low maintenance sealed cartridge axle unit