Chain Cleaning & Lubrication

The chain is fundamental to the bicycles transmission yet so many run these either dry or rusty or over oiled and dirty. A chain should be one of the most cared for components of your bike. When you purchased a new bike it was clean enough that you could eat a packet of crisps directly after touching the chain.

That is because the exterior of the chain was wiped of any excess grease. The problem occurs when poor quality lube is applied in excess as this attracts all the dust and road grime to stick and then more lubrication is added on top and eventually a dirt paste is created which only wears the chain and transmission components at double quick time. The only thing worse that this is a chain with no lubrication at all that squeaks as you pedal. A bicycle ridden regularly should have the chain cleaned once a month, either by using a degreasant and toothbrush or better still a chain cleaning bath. Once clean then dry thoroughly and apply a good quality cycle chain lubricant. You time spent doing this will pay off big time because your chain will last more than twice as long and your cycling will be smoother and quieter.

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