Saddle Height

Another common misunderstanding which makes cycling harder for the rider is saddle height.

Some cyclists like to have both feet firmly flat on the ground when stationary. The downside of this is when cycling and the pedal is at the top of the pedal stroke the knee is almost bent double. After just a few minutes cycling this can have an adverse affect on the rider. To adjust to roughly the right height sit on the bike and raise the saddle.

Put either pedal at 1 o clock position and put the appropriate foot on that pedal.

Get someone to assist you and look from that side and your knee should be approx 90 degree bent. If this is correct you will be elevated well onto the balls of the feet or even at tip toe but it will make cycling much easier. If the change is dramatic and you need to do this gradually then you will soon gain experience regarding dismounting. Some riders, particularly shorter ones, have to come off the front of the saddle to stop.

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